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InnoStudio Inc. is a member of the Darholding/ThalesNano global organization, one of the largest upstream technology networks in the Central European region, founded in the 80’, now with over 150 employees and corporate headquarters in Europe and USA. The holding’s companies with chemistry driven key research, provides products and services to 75 countries, they also received the highly prestigious RD 100 Award – US (also called technical Oscar) twice.

InnoStudio has realized the growing importance of space chemistry in 2014, it has co-founded the Space Chemistry Consortium (2016), which currently has 40 academic and industrial members from 5 continents, and is the co-organizer of the Space Chemistry Symposium series since 2017, under the umbrella of the American Chemical Society. One of the first scientific papers of the field was published by InnoStudio in Nature Reviews in Chemistry in 2017.

In December 2019, InnoStudio was the first in the world to carry out nanomolecular chemical synthesis experiments on the International Space Station (ISS), which provided promising results for the development and manufacturing of novel active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and agrochemical sectors. InnoStudio together with CycloLab was also the first to investigate the possible effects of microgravity on the remdesivir-SBECD interaction, the most promising drug for the treatment of COVID-19. The research has combined the advantages of the microgravity environment with drug research and was carried out by using the Japanese Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation’ and the Belgian Space Application Services’ space technology platforms. The samples were delivered to the International Space Station by the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft’s CRS-21 commercial mission in December 2020.

Innostudio is investing great efforts into sending its self-developed flow chemistry synthesis to space to be used for both commercial and research purposes.

InnoStudio is represented in the US by its sister company, Agrothetis Inc. in Stuart, Florida.

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Invited talk at the HU-ISR Joint Virtual Space Workshop

Invited talk at the HU-ISR Joint Virtual Space Workshop

Beyond Borders – Joint Virtual Space Workshop between the MFA Department for Space Activities and the Embassy of the State of Israel The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade,along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tradeand the Embassy of the State of...

First experiments in space for COVID-19 drug research

First experiments in space for COVID-19 drug research

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated new and urgent challenges in drug discovery and development. Veklury®, a remdesivir-based medicament invented by Gilead Sciences Inc., has already been approved or authorized for temporary use in approximately 50 countries...

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We are at the forefront of space research (article in Hungarian)

We are at the forefront of space research (article in Hungarian)

Chemistry as a science is strongly underrepresented in the space industry, although it can provide answers to problems such as more environmentally conscious, cheaper rocket fuel, renewable, green energy on Earth and in space, pharmaceutical production, carbon use,...