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Our Business Support Service covers the entire SMNBD process. Sales, marketing, and new business development can be summarized as the ideas, initiatives, and activities aimed towards making a business better and successful. This includes growing the firm’s client base, increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, and increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships and other professional contacts in target markets in order to bring in new clients.

Through research and analysis we gain understanding about the needs and wants of your target market and develop a strategic plan to establish your company’s overall messaging, benefits, and capabilities. Our activities extend across different departments, including R&D projects, product development, management and IP management.

We have significant experience in this field through managing our own IPs and related matters, as well as providing complete IP management to the Darholding corporate network. InnoStudio maintains over 100 patents and trademarks worldwide on 4 continents since 2008, providing national and international patent protection of inventions. We also offers consultative assistance to clients and help to find optimum IP enforcement strategies for any given case.

Through our SMNBD activities, InnoStudio provides high visibility public relations (PR) for ourselves, other companies of the Darholding network and clients in case of successfully finishing an IP protection process.

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Drug Discovery in Space  Webinar Series 2021-2022

Drug Discovery in Space
Webinar Series 2021-2022

It is our pleasure to announce that Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation and InnoStudio are organizing the first ever webinar series dedicated to pharmaceutical research and drug discovery in space. The three-part webinar series, with both scientific and...

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We are at the forefront of space research (article in Hungarian)

We are at the forefront of space research (article in Hungarian)

Chemistry as a science is strongly underrepresented in the space industry, although it can provide answers to problems such as more environmentally conscious, cheaper rocket fuel, renewable, green energy on Earth and in space, pharmaceutical production, carbon use,...