Benefits of formulations

InnoStudio’s ContiFlow Technology Platform converts active compounds into advanced formulations. The sub-micron-sized matrix particles generated are the essence of significantly reducing effective doses and providing other advantageous properties of the active compounds. The ContiFlow Technology Platform enables faster achievement of advanced formulation targets with greater precision.

Benefits of InnoStudio’s formulations
Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Increase in apparent solubility to enhance the availability of the compounds
  • Improved bioavailability to enhance efficacy
  • Substantial reduction in effective dosage to mitigate serious side effects and adverse events
  • Removal of food-effect
  • Substantially shortened time to reach maximum plasma concentration (tmax) and increased maximum plasma concentration (Cmax)
  • Alteration in the route of administration.
Active agrochemical ingredients
  • Significantly reduced effective dose can lower the usage per hectare and worker exposure while minimizing environmental impact and application costs per hectare.
  • Improved apparent solubility (increased by 10,000 times) to make the compounds more readily available
  • Significantly improved leaf/cuticle penetration, leading to vastly improved efficacy.
  • Greatly enhanced killing capacity of insecticide and fungicide.
  • Enhanced formulations and delivery systems that are free of microplastics and contain biodegradable components.