Space Chemistry Symposium

The Space Chemistry Symposium is the premier scientific event dedicated to advancing collaboration around chemistry in space

The international Space Chemistry Symposium is the No.1 scientific event dedicated to bringing together people from academia, industry and space agencies to share the latest advancements and results within the lead topic of performing chemistry in space. The Symposium series, initiated in 2017 by the Flow Chemistry Society and co-organized by InnoStudio, are regularly held as part of the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, which is one of the most significant scientific events for sharing and discovering the newest achievements in chemistry research.

The space industry has progressed significantly in recent years in recognizing that performing chemistry in space has become increasingly essential. This fact is represented well in the Symposium programmes through the increasing diversity of topics and cumulative number of participating countries. The key research areas include:

  • Pharmaceutical production in space
  • Flow chemical reactors & syntheses for space applications
  • Chemical instruments & analytics for microgravity environment
  • CO2 capturing and transformation for applications on Mars
  • In-space manufacturing of diverse materials and chemicals

If you are interested in being an author at the next Space Chemistry Symposium, get in touch with us!

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InnoStudio is cited in the C&EN article “Pharma goes to Space”

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