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Chemistry related R&D is no longer a privilege on Earth.

Besides other emerging and popular space research topics based on physics or biology, chemistry is finally welcome and considered as an essential tool for future space research and exploration.

Unique conditions in space allow unique and novel chemistries to be performed.

Our company, together with our sister corporations, own decades of experience in advancing chemistry towards novel concepts, equipments and applications. Our company group owns more than 130 patents. Innovation has always been in our focus.

InnoStudio has been the first company worldwide to study novel chemical formulation and co-crystallization in microgravity environment, so as pioneer to do COVID-19 drug research in space.

We offer contract research and supportive partnership for research institutes and companies of diverse industries (e.g., chemical, pharma, agro & cosmetics) who are ready to develop their own chemical technologies and/or business at the next level, via space research, using advantages of the space environment.

InnoStudio has been pioneering in developing standards for space chemistry and space chemistry related R&D, like standard chemical reactors or standards related to complex drug discovery research on ISS.

Bring your research idea and we make it happen through chemistry!

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InnoStudio is cited in the C&EN article “Pharma goes to Space”

InnoStudio is cited in the C&EN article “Pharma goes to Space”

C&EN article by Shi En KimNovember 13, 2022 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 100, Issue 40 IN BRIEF: The lack of gravity in space opens up unique opportunities for drug design and development. With the influx of commercial entities providing access to...

Hungarians develop more effective COVID drugs in space

Hungarians develop more effective COVID drugs in space

Published May 7, 2021 on In the last few months, in addition to vaccine developments against the coronavirus, little has been heard of regarding what efforts have been made to develop new medicines for the treatment of already covid infected patients. Regarding...