Intellectual Property Studio

The IP Unit manages and handles InnoStudio’s own IPs and related matters, as well as providing complete IP management to the Darholding corporate network. We also manage patent submission and management for external partners. The studio maintains over 100 patents and trademarks worldwide on 4 continents since 2008. We, as a centre office, together with our professional associates in Hungary and abroad offer reliable services and professional solutions relating to Hungarian, European, and international IP matters, as well as providing national and international patent protection of inventions. We also offer consultative assistance to our clients and help to find optimum IP enforcement strategy for any given case.



One of the main goals is supporting and stimulating the various Boards’ and its local innovation units’ aspirations to increase the number of patent and trademark application submissions across the network.

Also, it focuses on enforcing that filed applications turn to granted Intellectual Properties (IP) and Trademarks.

It also has an essential key role in supporting the Network’s initiations to build strategic partnerships and alliances with existing and new clients by providing an IP service which meets the partners’ needs too.

Through the SMNBD unit it provides high visibility public relations (PR) for InnoStudio and other firms in case of successfully finishing an IP protection process.


Intellectual Property Studio has a wide range of tasks. The most important are coordinating patent writing processes, preparing national Hungarian, US and patent cooperation treaty (PCT) patent applications, and entering PCT applications into their national phases. Preparing and filing trademark registrations, including, Hungarian national, Community (EU) and international trademark applications (according to the Madrid Protocol and Agreement), extension and conversion of trademark protection, and representing clients in the above listed types of cases.

Moreover, IP studio is responsible for participating in the preparation of responses to written opinions of national patent offices. It is in charge of creating and maintaining cost plans and annual reports individually for the network corporations. It has a key role in monitoring of all deadlines for all rights, preparing and maintaining record databases for the network’s Intellectual Property items.