Nano Studio


Nano Studio deals with diverse topics including formulation, organic chemistry, biology, aromatherapy, catalysts and energy. The backbone of Nano Studio is the Formulation Laboratory, which focuses on solving break-through solutions for the challenges of nanotechnology as well as on the further development of former nanonization procedures of major importance. The Studio is responsible for the maintenance of the SpeedyNano® platform, which is directly or indirectly utilized by network members for creating new services or products. The Nano Studio is involved in the nanozation questions of device development, the autosampler-related tasks of robotization and in certain software development projects. The Nano Studio deals with aromatherapy- and cosmetics-related developments, experimentation and storage.

SpeedyNano® Technology Platform

The SpeedyNano® patented nanoformulation technology originates from the discovery of a novel type of supramolecular nanostructure in 2006. The platform provides continuous microfluidic technologies and reactors for the synthesis of nanoparticles of active ingredients combined with an artificial intelligence supported prediction/experimental design and analytical backgound, enabling the fine tuning of the physicochemical and bioactivity properties of the nanoparticles.

SpeedyNano® nanoparticles show significantly improved performance compared to conventional nanoparticles, including controllable, narrow size distribution, (usually in the 30-300 nm range), significantly increased surface area, 10-10 000 fold higher water solubility and significantly enhanced cuticle/skin penetration. The application areas of the SpeedyNano® platform technology include agrochemicals, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, food additives, cosmetics, advanced materials as well as space-technology, amongst others.


  • Maintenance of the SpeedyNano® Platform
  • Continuous improvement of the SpeedyNano®
  • Platform including software- and hardware-development
  • Development of former nanonization procedures of major importance
  • Manufacturing of nanoformulae
  • Development of advanced cosmetic and aromatherapy products of added value
  • Occasional QC of cosmetic and aromatherapy products
  • Preparation of patents and publications