Upstream Studio


Our mission is to build and maintain successful collaborations with our industrial and academic partners. We also represent the Darholding network companies – e.g. ThalesNano – in international – USA and EU-based – consortium-based projects. We drive chemistry development and validation to enable the success of ongoing reactor development projects in close collaboration with the Technology and Space Studio. Applications include: batch-to-flow chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis in flow, FLP catalysis, flash vacuum pyrolysis, chemistry in Space.

Current Projects and Skills

  •     Computational modelling of chemical reactions
  •     Applied chemometrics
  •     Fast and efficient chemical engineering solutions for our clients
  •     Professional, skilled workforce (MSc and PhD degrees working in the flow)
  •     Fast prototyping of reactor parts by applying 3D printing
  •     Novel techniques for biopharmaceutical analysis
  •     Space Chemistry – Executing chemical reactions and manufacturing in space
  •     Lab of the Future – bringing chemistry laboratory work to the next level


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  • Tamás Bihari, Gellért Sipos, András Guttman, Ferenc Darvas. “Development of Oligosaccharide Labelling with Fluorescent Markers Applying Heterogeneous Catalysis in Flow” AT Europe 2018, Barcelona, Spain. Conference poster presentation
  • Tamás Bihari, Eszter Kalydi, Gellért Sipos, András Guttman, Ferenc Darvas. “Biopharmaceutical analysis in flow: The development of a fast and robust methodology” ACS 2018 Fall meeting, Boston, MA – Contributed talk, Organic Chemistry Division/New reactions and methodologies