Bringing Chemistry and Drug Discovery to Space

Leading in Space Chemistry

InnoStudio Inc. is a disruptive innovation and space chemistry research corporation, with vital background knowledge for designing technologies and developing and testing chemical theories.

  • First ever COVID-19 drug research in space on the International Space Station (ISS)
  • Consortium for developing coronavirus drugs based on simultaneous research in space and Earth environments
  • First in the world to carry out nanomolecular chemical synthesis experiments on ISS
  • Co-founder of Space Chemistry Consortium
  • Organizer of Space Chemistry Symposium series

Flow Chemistry in Space

Microgravity affects convection and fluid dynamics, which results in an environment where conventional batch chemistry does not work. Therefore, we believe that flow chemistry will present a vital role in the future of space chemistry.

In flow chemical systems, reaction parameters such as the flow rate and pressure can be controlled, and is amenable to combine multiple reactions and purification steps in order to create complex molecules from simple building blocks in one continuous stream. Flow chemistry in space is thus a perfect tool to create a ‘drug-on-demand’ chemistry system in which a variety of pharmaceuticals can be synthesized, analysed, purified and formulated — fresh and when needed. This will provide solution for the supply of medical treatments for astronauts on long-duration spaceflights. Flow chemistry will enable the conversion of waste materials that are generated during the voyage and/or the natural resources of alien planets into usable chemicals to sustain human life. Electrochemistry provides considerable scope for CO2-transformation into valuable materials in continuous flow. The extreme conditions of space will help to discover new synthetic routes to molecules and/or to develop more efficient chemical applications. Space chemistry will also enable the study of chemical reactions that exploit the harsh conditions (such as vacuum, high-intensity UV radiation, extreme temperatures and microgravity) that are prevalent in outer space, it will thus support technology development for in-situ resources utilization (ISRU) purposes.


InnoStudio is leading in a number of space related chemical technologies, notably, provision of flow reactors for syntheses in space (returnable/non-returnable equipment) and space related formulation technologies (important for drug discovery and optimization in pharma, agrochemical and cosmetics industry) such as:

  • Crystallization
  • Co-crystal formation
  • Nanoparticle formulation
  • Other technologies changing morphology
  • IT technology (optimization, remote control, AI simulation and chemometrics)


Besides space chemistry, InnoStudio has been pioneering in adapting flow technologies to nanoparticle synthesis where it is working together with its US partner corporation, Agrothetis.

Value Proposition

Space chemistry opens radically new perspectives for drug discovery, formulations in pharma, agro and cosmetics fields, everywhere where nanoformulation is important, like material sciences. High value created by solution of problems which are difficult to solve here on Earth, or space travel related problems where drugs, propellants, food, oxygen and other key materials should be synthesized on the spot – they are all privileged areas of space chemistry. 


For more on value proposition, please contact InnoStudio’s Space Chemistry Division at:

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