InnoStudio Inc. is a member of the Darholding/ThalesNano global organization, one of the largest technology networks in Central Europe. Founded in the 1980s, the organization has corporate headquarters in Europe and the USA. Its companies focus on flow chemistry-driven research, providing products and services to 75 countries and have received the prestigious RD 100 Award (also known as the “Technical Oscar”) three times.

For 18 years, InnoStudio has been a pioneer in addressing the formulation issues of water-insoluble active ingredients, improving their biological performance and significantly reducing their effective doses.

Despite the COVID-related interruptions, the company resumed operations in 2024 after undergoing comprehensive reorganization and recapitalization, all set to continue its mission for a sustainable world.

InnoStudio’s extensive offerings include proof-of-concept formulation studies, pilot-scale manufacturing, and technology licenses. With the launch of new services and the introduction of its own product pipeline, InnoStudio has taken a significant step towards revolutionizing compound formulation. Partnering with AgroThetis provides access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that can enhance the efficiency and sustainability of active compounds.