ACS Fall 2022: CME NASA Sustainability Conference – Space Chemistry Roundtable

at the UChicago Rubenstein Forum on Tuesday, August 23rd at 3:05 – 4:35 pm

Panelists: Dr. Ferenc Darvas, Dr. James Green, Ms. Jana Stoudemire, Dr. Ken Savin


    Welcome – Dr. Ferenc Darvas, Dr. James Green, Ms. Jana Stoudemire, Dr. Ken Savin

  • General introduction (15 minutes)

Building A Roadmap for Space Chemistry Applications

Dr. Ferenc Darvas Executive Chairman, InnoStudio Inc. & SpaceMedChem, Inc.

NASA Space Chemistry Exploration Needs

Dr. James Green, previously NASA Chief Scientist – Space Chemistry to Support Exploration

The Developing LEO Economy

Ms. Jana Stoudemire, Axiom Space, Commercial Innovation – Access & Commercial Space Stations

Industrial/Commercial Space Chemistry Initiatives

Dr. Ken Savin, Redwire, Chief Scientist – Chemical Processes in Microgravity Benefits & Challenges

  • Roundtable discussion (60 minutes)

(Lead: Dr. Ferenc Darvas, Executive Chairman, InnoStudio Inc. & SpaceMedChem Inc.)

1) Thoughts on focus areas that should be pursued; new areas to be explored/ considered

  1. Pharmaceuticals, Advanced Materials, Others: Exploring the need for standard chemical laboratories in Space, broader issues of standardization
    1. Most impactful POC for each focus area

Benefits and constraints of working in microgravity

  • Required capabilities for conducting chemistry in space
    • What’s available/needed to support generating POC
    • Major bottlenecks that need to be removed.
    • Timing for execution of POC missions
  • Priorities for utilizing current ISS capabilities and future commercial provider platforms for development of chemistry in space
    • Near term opportunities using existing capabilities
    • Longer-term development priorities
  • Opportunities for collaboration between commercial providers, NASA and other government agencies, academic institutions and industry partners
    • Thoughts on best models
      • Pre-competitive consortia (Space Chemistry Consortium experiences and perspectives)
  • Validation studies for commercial applications involving individual / multiple partners?
    • Near term and longer-term opportunities to explore space chemistry applications for exploration
  • Summary and Next Steps (15 minutes)