3D printing in space research at the Gábor Dénes Award Winner’s Club meeting (article in Hungarian)

At the last evening of 2017, hosted by the Gábor Dénes Prize Winners Club, 3D printing came into focus in 4 performances. (November 23, 2017, MTA-TTK)


György Falk Strategic Director of VARINEX ZRt., “3D printing in the production strategy of a modern plant”

Academician Dr. Balázs Sarkadi, “3D printing in organ restorative medicine”

Pammer Dávid BME teaching assistant, “Printing metallic materials for special applications”

Dr. Ferenc Darvas club president, “Possibility of applying additive technologies in space research”

The host was Dr. Ferenc Darvas, club president.

Read the full Hungarian article on gabordenesklub.hu

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