InnoStudio launches simultaneous COVID-19 drug research in Space and on Earth

Published November June 12, 2020 10:48 ET on Globenewswire

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY; BRUSSELS, BELGIUM; TOKYO, JAPAN, June 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The COVID-19 pandemic has generated new challenges in drug discovery and development, including the real need for rapid yielding of results, achieving better resolutions for relevant protein structures, and even synthesizing promising but not-yet-existing heterocyclic active molecules. InnoStudio Inc. announces the initiation of an international and pre-competitive collaboration to develop a project where the advantages of the microgravity environment will be combined with advanced drug research, development and formulation efforts.

Members of the consortium will incorporate pharmaceutical research companies including ComInnex (HU) and universities involved in drug research, companies specialized in space chemistry, as well as private and public space technology companies including Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JP), Space Applications Services (BE) and SpacePharma (CH/ISR).

Dr. Ferenc Darvas, Executive President of InnoStudio; Dr. Gergo Mezohegyi, Manager of the Consortium stated: “Most clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments have focused so far on testing already existing drugs, originally developed for treating other diseases or health problems. Although offering a relatively fast result, efficiency of already existing drugs for treating the coronavirus can be expected to be moderate at most. The present Consortium targets the development and validation of highly efficient active compounds against SARS-CoV-2 while conducting drug discovery simultaneously and in a synchronized manner in space and on Earth. Using the well-known advantages provided by microgravity for such applications, we are committed to realise protein crystallization, synthetic chemistry and nanotechnology advances in parallel to classical ground-based research. The outcome of the project, together with the chemical formulation methods applied in space, are expected to be a promising solution not only for understanding how to efficiently treat COVID-19 but also for supporting the rapid control of virus outbreaks of the future.”

Alexander Drijver, CEO of ComInnex stated: “It’s a great privilege to participate in this project that seeks to push the boundaries of synthetic chemistry and drug discovery. We look forward to other pharmaceutical research companies joining this effort, sharing knowledge and experience and progressing science to new limits.”

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InnoStudio Inc., with the support of Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation and Space Applications Services / ICE Cubes Service, executed successful drug discovery related experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) in December 2019.

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