In recent years, numerous research studies have shown that microgravity is a promising tool for a novel approach to develop and improve pharmaceutical compounds and processes either for space purposes or applications on Earth.

Organized by the Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation and InnoStudio, the first ever webinar series dedicated to pharmaceutical research and drug discovery in space, with both scientific and commercial aspects, is now bringing you the newest results and excellent presentations from this emerging field.

The first part of this series ”What makes microgravity an emerging tool?” will be held on November 18, Thursday 6 PM CET and will include two presentations by reputable, internationally renowned experts and scientists with the following topics:

  • Drug discovery and development – what has space ever done for us?
  • Merck Microgravity Crystallization Processes


For more information about the speakers and the program of the full webinar series visit our website at: