Flow Chemistry Equipment for Space

Have you ever wondered if chemistry is different in space than on the ground?

Chemistry on Earth environment can be performed either in flasks or flow systems. This is not the case under microgravity where the solution in a flask wouldn’t mix well and reactions would not be reproducible.

Flow chemistry is the most advanced branch of synthetic chemistry and amenable to both automation and synthesis in space and also under harsh conditions. Flow chemistry is performed by mixing two or more liquid/gas reagents under heating or cooling or under pressure in a reactor producing a continuous flow.

InnoStudio’s sister company, ThalesNano is a reputed inventor and world market leader of laboratory flow chemistry instrumentations, with installations in more than 70 countries. Within our collaboration, InnoStudio develops and offers flow chemical equipment for diverse space industrial processes and purposes, including (but not limited to):

  • In-space manufacturing of diverse materials, chemicals and pharmaceutical compounds
  • Discovery of new routes to novel molecules or more efficient chemical applications
  • CO2 transformation into valuable compounds (e.g., plastics or basic chemical building blocks)
  • Equipment for chemical synthesis in space
  • Extraction technologies (Moon, Mars, asteroids)

Our technologies feature a high level of flexibility, modularity, safety, and a vast experience with flow chemical systems which means the best available technologies are delivered.

In general, flow chemistry in space:

  • can be fully automated and remote controlled
  • provides opportunity to reproducible chemistry experimentation
  • allows reactions to be performed on very small scale reducing the contingent hazardous nature of the reaction
  • enables the combination of multiple reactions and purification steps thus creating complex molecules from simple building blocks even in one continuous stream

Bring your business/research idea and we make it happen through chemistry!

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