What is Space Chemistry?

Space chemistry means chemical and certain physical transformations performed in the outer space. The physical transformations here we refer are normally associated with chemical reactions (like purification, crystallizations, or other morphological transformations).

The benefits of Space Chemistry

Space chemistry has got already an astonishingly large number of applications areas.

  • Oxygen recovery from CO2 has been provided on the ISS (by batch reactor) from the start of its operation
  • Drug formulation for drug discovery and drug development
  • Crystallization of proteins for producing pure materials for biologics. Enhanced resolution on X-rays of the ultra-pure proteins provides excellent opportunities for increasing the performance of docking experiments.
  • Producing ultra-pure enzymes as biological targets

New areas are opening by producing new polymorphs and co-crystals for enhancing druggability of existing and new active principles for drugs, agrochemicals, and cosmetics.

Chemical reactions performed in space are opening a new world for chemists. It is absolutely important to have a deeper knowledge on the effect of space, on the theoretical chemistry foundation of chemical transformations.

Our legacy in Space Chemistry

  • Space Chemistry Consortium, a professional association founded in 2014 is co-managed by InnoStudio
  • The Space Chemistry Consortium now has more than 40 members from 5 continents and grows continually
  • We have been part of the Space Chemistry Symposiums at ACS since 2017
  • We have several scientific publications on the topic of Space chemistry
  • We have launched a consortium for developing coronavirus drugs based on simultaneous research in Space and Earth environments

To learn more about these, please view our presentation.

Our solutions for Space Chemistry

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