Innostudio, Inc. is a member of Darholding, Inc. which is one of the largest upstream technology networks in the CE region in Europe. Its core innovative group  has been operating since the 80’s. Studios within the corporation are focusing towards nanotechnology, bringing flow chemistry and other chemical technology to the space and supporting drug discovery by IT technology, among others.


This powerful and enabling new facility is born of a heritage of three decades of scientific and industrial knowledge InnoStudio and its founders have gained through a series of successful companies in bio- and chemo-informatics, combinatorial chemistry, chemical genomics, flow chemistry, colloidal chemistry and nanotechnology. The aggregation of this critical mass of proprietary technologies is unrivalled by any company in the field of competitive nano-crystallization approaches, and has enabled major improvements in solubility, colloidal stability, permeability and kinetics with unique properties unattainable by traditional approaches with the opportunity to file new IP. So defining are these technologies that management believes its platform is destined to become a critical part of all active ingredient formulation efforts.

In collaborating with our customers and alliance-partners to optimize the performance of compounds for differing applications, InnoStudio makes available a platform with turnkey, end-to-end processes with proof of principle across multiple scientific domains that delivers solutions rapidly, robustly and the means to reduce costs and improve success. The technology is heavily defended by intellectual property, including a large number of patent applications, proprietary instrumentation, and advanced informatics.


InnoStudio’s business mission is grounded on the most established and compelling value proposition. It provides proprietary platforms that deliver demonstrable proprietary value to customers in areas of significant unmet need and high demand in high-value markets.

We achieve this by providing you the following abilities:

  • Enabling, extending and enhancing the value of active ingredients with high inherent value, disadvantaged by solubility or colloidal stability impediments to commercialization.
  • Re-instituting market exclusivity by providing new, proprietary “versions” of high-value products whose IP is close to expiring, through new IP protection provided by InnoStudio’s platform and applicable patent estate.
  • Providing InnoStudio’s customers and alliance-partners a turnkey business model that removes variable risk to collaborating companies.
  • We have a long track record of project success and high customer satisfaction and we are happy to help you achieve higher growth and success through a fruitful collaboration.




InnoStudio creates the opportunity and the platform to provide leading-edge scientific services to our customers. Innostudio is a high-risk, high-gain corporation aimed at offering solutions for corporations in a wild variety of fields, from agrochemistry to cosmetics.

Typically we start from a promising innovative idea, offering break-through or even disruptive solutions for an important problem. After forming a studio, we develop the prototype, validate it, and then file patent applications. After this, the product is launched to the market with the expectation that the studio will break-even in a 2-3 years time frame. If the initial commercialisation is successful, the studio is merged with an existing Darholding member firm or will be formed as an independent spin-off corporation. InnoStudio is fully committed to transparency and open communication policies and this website is part of its external manifestation.

InnoStudio formulates, develops, manufactures and provides its customers with improved active ingredients from many different sectors. Based on the application of a game-changing proprietary SpeedyNano® platform, InnoStudio’s technology delivers dramatic improvement in compound solubility, permeability and pharmacokinetics that can be applied across a diverse universe of compounds. The SpeedyNano® High Throughput platform is built on the combination of a set of proprietary disruptive technologies that delivers highly significant improvement in the solubility and colloidal stability of compounds without altering their chemical structure, while it provides a basis for creating new intellectual property.