Innostudio, Inc. is a member of Darholding, Inc. which is one of the largest upstream technology networks in the CE region in Europe. Its core innovative group  has been operating since the 80’s. Studios within the corporation are focusing towards nanotechnology, bringing flow chemistry and other chemical technology to the space and supporting drug discovery by IT technology, among others.


InnoStudio Inc. is a member of Darholding/ThalesNano group, which is the largest innovation-driven company of the Central European region with over 150 employees, providing products and services to 75 countries. We are proud to be a member of the only company group from the region to have received the highly prestigious R&D 100 Award (US) twice.

InnoStudio played a major role in the formation of space chemistry as an independent scientific research field. We were a co-founder of the Space Chemistry Consortium in 2016, which currently has 40 members from academia and industry from5 continents. We have been organizing space chemistry symposiums under the umbrella of the American Chemical Society since 2017, which were the first scientific conferences in the field. At InnoStudio, we put great emphasis on the publication of our work and patenting our technology. One of our scientific papers on space chemistry was featured in Nature Reviews in Chemistry in 2017.

In December 2019, we were the first in the world to carry out nanomolecular chemical synthesis experiments on the International Space Station (ISS), which provided promising results for the development and manufacturing of novel active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and agrochemical sectors. InnoStudio was also the first to examine the possible effects of microgravity in our COVID-19 drug development experiment, which was part of the payload of the CRS-21 commercial mission to the International Space Station, carried out by the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft in December 2020.

Innostudio is committed to being amongst the first to send self-developed flow chemistry instruments to space to be used for both commercial and research purposes. Our main goal is to validate our drug synthesis equipment onboard the demonstration mission of the first European, commercial and reusable spacecraft, the Space Rider.


InnoStudio’s business mission is grounded on the most established and compelling value proposition. It provides proprietary platforms that deliver demonstrable proprietary value to customers in areas of significant unmet need and high demand in high-value markets.

We achieve this by providing you the following abilities:

  • Enabling, extending and enhancing the value of active ingredients with high inherent value, disadvantaged by solubility or colloidal stability impediments to commercialization.
  • Re-instituting market exclusivity by providing new, proprietary “versions” of high-value products whose IP is close to expiring, through new IP protection provided by InnoStudio’s platform and applicable patent estate.
  • Providing InnoStudio’s customers and alliance-partners a turnkey business model that removes variable risk to collaborating companies.
  • We have a long track record of project success and high customer satisfaction and we are happy to help you achieve higher growth and success through a fruitful collaboration.